Knackered Shredder

Three days ago one of the neighbours put some electronic gear on the street for passers-by to scavenge. It was an old Apple printer and monitor, a box of cables, and a Woolworths paper shredder. There’ve been times a shredder would have been useful, so I snagged it. The feed was jammed, so I reckoned it just needed opening and cleaning.

I took it home, plugged it in, and as expected, the spindles weren’t turning. I opened it, cleared out the paper, and sure enough, the thing started working. So I closed it back up and tested it on a piece of paper. It jammed. One one piece of paper. Hmph.

I guess that means the nylon gears have worn, or their grip on the spindles has slipped, or maybe the motor itself has lost torque. So I’ll have to explore further.


I’ve entertained visions of a hand-cranked shredder – while wondering how I might fit such a thing – and of turning into a compost cruncher – not that it would be much good at it.

There’s also the prospect of gutting it, using the motor for something else entirely.

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