BSA Courier

Some years back, a friend told me of a sit-up-and-beg type bicycle that had been abandoned outside her place. So I collected it, put air in the tires, replaced cables, and put new batteries in the lantern. I haven’t used it much, and think it’s been more than a year since I last rode it. So it’s time to find it a new home.


It’s a BSA Courier; a 23 inch 5-speed, apparently from when that company was owned by Raleigh, probably in the 80s. I thought there might be a web-based record of production dates and numbers – as there are for Pashley, so did a bit of searching. I haven’t found any such details, but did come across a photo of the same model at a site called Re-Buy-Cycle. I also found some other sites dedicated to retro cycles, including, where ‘if it’s old school, it’s in’. Cool.

I guess that means the thing might be worth £20/£30. But I’m more inclined to find it a charitable use, so may make enquiries at some of the bicycle charities.

3 April 2011: in the end, I gave it to the splendidly conceived and newly-formed Birmingham Bike Foundry co-operative, some months back. I’m sure it got loving attention and a good home.

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Published on June 10, 2010 ~ 07:47 AM

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#1 — Comment by Stephen Kittoe on April 2, 2011 @ 5:42 pm
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I own a bike like this and it’s a really solid, hard-wearing bike. A man knocked on my door in Eastbourne today. He has a friend in the Hailsham area who might want yours. He thought his friend would not want mine because it has scratches going rusty but the point of my comment is that you might be surprised how much yours is worth. Separately a year ago I met a chap called Steve from Hellingly who deals in bikes like yours.

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