It Tastes of Leek

As it should, given that it’s made mainly of leeks, plus a bit of tarragon, a clove of garlic, a potato, 4 apples from the Chamberlain garden, some raisins, and a glass of beer.


The sliced leeks, clove of garlic, and teaspoon of dried tarragon


The apples, remaining beer, butter off to the right.


Part way through the cooking, apples still have some way to go.


Apples have cooked down. I added some raisins, and some chunks of leek. It’s delicious at this point and could have been served as a vegetable side dish.


But I went further, adding more water, caramelising the leeks, the pureeing the lot. A day later, it still tastes of leek, but the flavour of the apples is really beginning to come out. I’m wondering if I should add some additional spices: turmeric, clove, allspice.

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