Maybe just briefly…

The previous theme seems to have gone wonky, so I’ve replaced it with this one – which has its own awkward elements. Some pretty silly spelling in the coding, and a less-than appealing colour scheme.

But it’s free, right?

I’m hoping to get the blog into a state that allows me to post easily and with good-looking results. Opting for a simpler internal structure may be part of that. That would be my doing. Nothing to do with the theme.

Looks aside, this thing has languished for lack of time and a suitable array of topics. The former is still an issue, but the latter seems to be coming around. If only I can find a way of articulating some of the ideas passing through my mind.

Today I’m thinking about street furniture. I’m also doing all the amenity space, community engagement, and horticultural projects. So there’s some fodder there. This blog is the cow.

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