The UK Prosperity Index – sub-indices & variables

The UK Prosperity Index

This sub-index captures not only key economic fundamentals like growth, but also the quality of that growth. This is reflected in measures like poverty, but also people’s feelings about their economic situation. The quality of growth, not only its quantity, is an important reflection of how local economies deliver for their people.

  • Unemployment
  • Long term unemployment
  • Child poverty
  • Feelings about household income
  • Job satisfaction
  • Median annual earnings
  • Economic growth

Measures entrepreneurial and business activity, alongside the key infrastructure required for businesses to form and grow. Wealth creation is fundamental to local prosperity through the jobs and opportunities it provides.

  • Broadband speed
  • Superfast broadband access
  • Business survival
  • Entrepreneurship rate
  • Logistics Index

Measures human capital, educational attainment, and attendance.

  • Attainment at 16
  • Core subject attainment at 16
  • Truancy
  • Qualifications

Measures mental and physical health, wellbeing, risk factors, and health satisfaction.

  • Life expectancy
  • Life expectancy at 65
  • Anxiety
  • Eudaimonic Wellbeing
  • Cancer Mortality
  • Premature Cardiovascular Mortality
  • Obesity
  • Infant mortality
  • Health satisfaction
  • Smoking

Measures crime rates, road deaths, and feelings of safety.

  • Safe walking
  • Perception of community safety
  • Road deaths
  • Violent crime
  • Theft

Measures social network strength, social norms, community participation, and trust. Strong communities and social support are important for wellbeing and prosperity. High levels of trust have been linked to higher economic growth. Housing affordability is also measured, as owner-occupancy is a strong predictor of social capital as those who live permanently in an area are more likely to engage in community activity.

  • Recycling rate
  • Volunteering
  • Voter turnout
  • Trust
  • Housing costs
  • Housing affordability
  • Friendship support
  • Family support

Measures impact on the natural environment, quality of the environment, and efforts to protect it.

  • Waste generated
  • Landfill
  • Air pollution
  • Protected land

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