This is the current manifestation of the nunovo project. It started in 2001, with a bit of webspace provided by Telewest/Blueyonder, and moved over to the current domain a few years later. It ran as a Drupal CMS for a year, then went into something of a hiatus while experimenting with various blogging packages.  This implementation is an experiment with a category-based layout, where two categories (Rag & Bag) show up as sidebars rather than in the main column.

There are also experiments on creating a web profile using anagrams and search engine results. This involves photographic posts titled by finding anagrams for the photo subject, and indirectly linking to webpages containing the anagram words.  When it works as intended, the title of the photo post is an anagram for the photo, and a clue about another website. I’m curious to see if there are any effects on search results over time.

Here’s the current list of tags for the site

#KHBannerPoles #placemaking #walkability abilities abstraction access acetone late tipple AI manipulations Alcester Road anagrammatics anagrammattics Antiquated antonyms aptitudes artefacts Ashfield Avenue assessment Avenue Road Baseball Bat Maker basin beak bi-convex bicycle bioresin Birmingham Birmingham Fruit & Veg Market BirminghamUK Black Country Blackheath books Bordesley Brakeman brownfield BSA Courier budgets Buffalo bugs Calthorpe Road canal cards career career assessment Careered Kinfolk Go careering charts Cheltenham Churchill Park citigram civics cleft coal community concept mapping conditionals Cotton Lane council Cradley Heath crannied corms creative repurposing Cryptanthus damp lecturer dereliction design Digbeth Dorothy Gurney draft essays dripline earthworks earthy Eating Spaces Edgbaston effigies Emily Lawlor epic episteme Euclidean excess excursions exocarp exploring faces Farquhar Road Fells fiddler crab fight filtering Findlay Road finds fire flaxen flutters focus food force diagrams Forest Road forestry free games garden Gasometer Begot generativities geoasterisms geoglyphs geography ghost Glasgow goal-setting Gorgeous Fold Gosty Hill GPS graphic story panels Grove Avenue Grove Lane Haden Hill Haden Way Halite Surtax happenstance Hazelwell Lane heritages Highbury Highbury Park Highfield Road Highgate hippocastanum history home horse chestnut hot imagery interlards isolation Ithaca jive Kings Heath lanceolate landscape landscape management landscapes Larder leaf lens Lifegarden local government logic loops making mapping mapping cities market markets marl Mayfield Road mechanical media meteor Milton Keynes mood Moor Green Morcego Moseley Moseley Village Car Park motivation mulcher music nature neighbourhood strategy nemertea Ocean Borer Fusion Old Hill Oxford Road Parks PC pens petrograms philosophy photography photos pipette plugins poetry poliglyphs polypropylene Poplar Road profile pushbike radish Raga Ranger service re-buy-cycle reclamation recording regeneration research retrobike ribbon worm ring road road markings rotten Rower School Road scraptastic scripting sculpture self-help serendipity shorthand shredder Shrewsbury Silver Street skills sndvol.exe social social media software soil Sorrel South Road spatialities speed hiving Spillage Springfield Road stenciled town Stirchley straws streetscape strengths stuff stylistics summer survey swans tar tech the alpha and omega tipi tips tools topoglyphery toponymetry tracks traits trash trays treacle twine twitter urbanity Valentine Road values violet visualisation volcano Wake Green Road walking waste weather webbing wheelbarrow wildflowers WilmaScope wood wordplay wordpress modifications words

and again in groovy orbital form


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