Focus on a building at the horizon, just to the left of the tree.

That line of sight is the east-to-west line of work, from a vantage point above.


There’s a line of bricks up the centre of the photo.

That’s one part of the work.


We’ve moved along now, anticlockwise, to a point looking north-south.

The line of brick crosses the upper portion of photo.


Moving south along that axis we arrive at the spiral’s core.

The spiral wants extending, so I’m measuring the radius from the centre to the spindle.

It’s about 66cm.


The extended spiral wants markers along its length.

The ground is too hard for pegs, and I want to use materials found on site.

There are bags of discarded clothes in a corner of the site.

So I’ve collected about 20 shoes, and am using them to pace off the circuit.

I’ve filled the shoes with stones to keep them from wandering off.

They are making tracks by staying put.

Some day, someone will follow in their footsteps.





The rain comes, and passes


I am collecting more materials, and looking at the buds on willow and buckthorn.


From the same spot, in the opposite direction, moss has covered the rubble, and the ground is litter-free.


Returning to the spiral, I’ve wrapped the spindle with some fabric collected from the scrubland.

Someday, discarded clothing will extend along the spiral like bunting.

If I could raise stakes I’d set a clothes line and let them flag in the wind.


Toward the end of day, clouds and seagulls hovering, a stark blue sky, and similarly stark building outlines.


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