This is Uptown

…and this is downtown

But it’s less than the whole truth. It’s a scrap of waiting-to-be-developed land just east of the commercial core. It sets up a great contrast between the aspirational pretension of the Masshouse apartment block and the commercial glitz of Selfridge’s.

It represents a different kind of space set into the urban fabric.

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Published on November 7, 2010 ~ 11:48 AM

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A Spanner On The Hill In The Park

Interesting Find of the Day

This is a Snail Brand Single Open End Wrench with its head buried in the grass. As found during a walk through town. Odd that it’s there. How did it get there? Strange coincidence that I came across it. I wasn’t searching for spanners.

Whilst this side of the handle says CHROME ALLOY STEEL 8A, the other side says SNAIL BRAND ENGLAND. A google on those words brought me to the Toolmonger’s Blog, and a reference to Smith Francis in Birmingham, England. Which in turn provided a list of Single Open End Wrenches matching the one above. Strange coincidence that it’s made in Birmingham.

With all those interesting coincidences I’m tempted to conclude that it was another clever Eastside art project. Somebody is going around putting locally-made hand tools in odd places for people to find and exclaim over. Further, I’d guess that everyone who picks up a tool is meant to set it down somewhere else equally odd. It might be that there’s a clue or two as to the new location, such as the angle or direction the handle’s pointing in. And maybe there are some anti-clues to confuse things slightly, such as asking what time it is if the handle is a gnomon.

Aside from that, I’m thinking of naming my biography after this find: A Spanner On The Hill. Because it’s a metaphor for my life.

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Published on April 17, 2010 ~ 10:50 PM

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