I’d like to set a collection of stakes with reflective cards tied to them, to flutter in the wind.

The Challenge:

While it would be easy to do in the park, in a grassy area, that would probably elicit complaints.
So I’d do it on a brownfield site. But there, the challenge is to get anything into the ground.
So stakes have to be freestanding – yet resist the wind.

Possible Solutions:

  • Weighted stakes
  • Cement, Water, earth: all heavy, bulky to transport
    • Water would need a container – bottles found on site, perhaps.
    • Tripods: requires 3x the number of stakes, bulky to transport
    • Cement: heavy, requires transport, possibly water
  • Epoxy: relatively compact, lightweight, can be applied with a caulking gun
  • Trees: take a long time to grow!

Bamboo canes and epoxy seems like a decent solution.

Next Steps:

devise a pattern, perhaps using perspective;
get something to grow around the stake;
make some signage, verbiage.

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Landscape Effigies 2

20150921_1530491 A rubble-strewn landscape

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Landscape Effigies 1

What does one do with a rubble-strewn four-acre lot in a city centre neighbourhood?


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