King’s Heath Gateway Banner Poles


I think it might just be true that King’s Heath needs some more decorative devices at the top & bottom of the High Street. There are the flower boxes, of course, but I’m thinking there are certain expanses of pavement and less-than appealing building fronts along the top end, whilst at the bottom end, even the revamped Vicarage Road corner could do with something a bit more lively.

So I’m just arbitrarily announcing a design project for anyone who wants to come up with some suggestions for improving the look of this stretch through a combination of structural and fabric materials. In other words, banner poles. They can look like bananas if you want, or flagpoles, or latticeworks, or steak knives. You decide.

If you design something, it deserves to be publicised, so maybe it needs a tag or a hashtag. Maybe something like #KHBannerPoles would do for Flickr & Twitter. It’s bound to get picked up by somebody.