Highbury Winter Scene

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Published on March 3, 2018 ~ 10:53 AM

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Waypoint 30

All Terrain Vehicle? Mars Rover?
missions of discovery
The rover heads toward a colourful and richly featured outcrop. There are things to be discovered, examined, and to fire the imagination. Not just the objects themselves, but the sense of possibility inherent in ths sort of landscape.

One thing we can do is look at the kinds of plants that occur. Pretty quickly we stop to look at the coltsfoot, which we mistakenly thought of as butterbur – which it resembles in leaf shape, but not size. I also think of butterbur as a waterside plant, but this is in about the most arid soil around. Maybe it’s not the plant I’m thinking of.20150524_125213

Next to it is a clump of flytipped garden cuttings – holly, clematis – or something like it. But it’s the abstracted shape that’s interesting. Or is that about how the mind finds a pattern in the lines of stems? I’m thinking of Stick Around, the new project we’re running at the orchard. But it’s also nest-like, hair like, maybe even turban-like. Various images come to mind. The patterns start to shift around, the bundle seems to take on a variety of shapes. There’s a whirling vortex of a galaxy in there.



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Published on May 28, 2015 ~ 12:32 AM

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Trays of Stuff

I have trays of stuff.

Trays are good for organising one’s accumulations.

I could do with more trays, and have spent time trying to devise variations on a theme of trays.

I like trays.

Today, just a little while ago, I had a tray of nuts, bolts and other hardware out, because I was making a hinged doorstop.

When I was putting things away, I wondered if I’m ever going to use the casters I’ve collected.

At about the same time, I thought that a photo archive of my stuff would be an interesting artefact.

Particularly if everything was in trays.

Sort of like this.


Except that I’d have to have bigger trays for shoes, for pots & pans, maybe even for books and computers.

I don’t have any trays that big. So I’m not going to make a photo archive yet.

For now, though, here are 5 more trays:

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Published on August 15, 2010 ~ 07:41 PM

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