This is Uptown

…and this is downtown

But it’s less than the whole truth. It’s a scrap of waiting-to-be-developed land just east of the commercial core. It sets up a great contrast between the aspirational pretension of the Masshouse apartment block and the commercial glitz of Selfridge’s.

It represents a different kind of space set into the urban fabric.

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Bordesley Chord


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Camp Hill to Canal

I walked part way into town the other day, from Camp Hill to the top of Fazeley Street. I have walked and cycled along the canal from Bordesley a few times, and along some of the side roads parallel to the Stratford Road, but I’ve not walked that bit.

What I found was that even though the canal is right there, there’s no access to it until one goes round to Coventry Road. Pretty daft, really, and something that should be changed.

There is one very good point for from the Bordesely Middleway on the north side of the canal. It’s currently planted very densely with shrubs. There’s another point on the south side of the canal – which means there’s no immediate access to the towpath.


At the roundabout.

The Naval Reserve building – the canal’s behind it.

Fenced out. INteresting juxtaposition of bridge, road, and water. This would be a good access point for going east, though it would mean laying a towpath for some distance as well, to the next lock.

All the way across the canal

Good spot for a ramp. But where is it?

And here’s a quirky surprise: a big rock commemorating the opening of the Bordesley Middleway!

Onto the towpath at last!
Some sloes damsons a bit farther along

And a bit of artwork under one of the canalside factories.

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