Eating Spaces Node Map

I’m satisfied that I know enough about coding the Morcego node map that I’ve set it up on my webserver, at So, it’s live, and will get further attention as I can make time for it.

The first thing is to set out enough of the categories that loop back on each other – which is the point of a force-based diagram, and then develop some of the ancillary page displays – which is one of the main reasons to use Morcego.

Eating Spaces. What’s that about, then?

It’s a play on words, in typical po-mo hum-geo fashion. It’s a potential research project on the urban geographies of food. It’s about the spaces where food happens, including the production, distribution, consumption, cultures, discourse and practices of eating. The main focus might be on a small constellation of topics with a social emphasis, such as the development of urban spaces around the twin poles of urban food production and sustainability. This might then branch into topics of how urban spaces are and could be set aside for food production, where allotments represent one pole, and brownfield/verge sites another.

I’m using Morcego to map an outline of the project, so as to make it easier for participants to understand. Ultimately, if Morcego is powerful enough, it becomes a map and a record.

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Published on June 8, 2010 ~ 08:03 AM

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