Moseley, 4:00 AM

Long summer days are special enough that each year, I get up at dawn whenever feasible, try to stay awake all day, and try to spend time outdoors.

Today, a week from the Solstice, I’m awake at 4:00 AM (GMT), and writing this before 5:00. The calculated sunrise is at 4:44, at a point just off North-East, as shown on a Sky View Cafe screen capture.

It’s a slightly different story at my bedroom window, where trees obscure the horizon. Nonetheless, the sun is peeking through the foliage by 4:15. I’m puzzling over why there’s such a discrepancy between scheduled and visible sunrise. Does it actually cross the horizon at 3:45 GMT and the published times are given in BST? That would explain the 30 minute difference as it climbs up behind the trees.

Regardless of the clock time, during the summer months, that direct sunlight means a lot, since I don’t get any southern exposure.  Waking up with the sun has meant a lot to me since the days of living at Chaos Corners in a hilltop cabin with a big east window. A blast of sunshine does wonders for getting a body out of bed and into the garden, or wherever.

Six days ago I got up and out into the park for some sunrise photos like this.

The streets are deserted at 5AM, but it’s broad daylight, and lots can be done. Well worth getting up for.

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Published on June 14, 2011 ~ 06:30 AM

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