Sometimes I need a reminder from Hector & Kiki about the things that are important to know.

For example, just now, Hector reminded me that it’s been some time since we last discussed which if the cupboards is my favourite.  His favourite is the one on the right. My favourite is the one next to it, on the left. Kiki, however, says she like the three on the left, and takes turns making each one her favourite.

Hector, likes the one on the right because it gets used least often, and is closest to the lounge. I like the one next to it because I use it most.  Kiki doesn’t explain why. That’s just the way she is. But I know that she has a special affection for the 2nd one on the left, and particularly for the middle shelf.

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Published on September 18, 2011 ~ 08:45 PM

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A stroll along the Rea River footpath was a good antidote to a day punctuated by minor annoyances and anxieties. The sky cleared in early evening; the temperature held steady; various of the autumnal scents were in the air.

I should have had a tripod with me, but hadn’t quite the presence of mind when I left the house. So this is taken from a bridge railing with a 15 second exposure.

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Published on September 9, 2011 ~ 10:21 AM

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