My Life As An Anagram

Sometimes insight comes from messing around with the order of things.

Sometimes inspiration requires rote mechanics.

Sometimes it helps to set up a structure and follow it until ideas start popping.

That’s how nunovo came about.

It’s a concatenation of 3-letter words derived from pwp, which was the mandatory extension assigned by Telewest/Blueyonder to the webspace they provided as part of my cable/internet service.

The  words were identified by making a list in reverse alphabetical order, as follows:

… and then re-arranging the order.

It was lucky that nun+ovo had vowels in the right places and formed a word in its own right, something in Italian, something else in some of  the Slavic languages.

But that’s not how Canvas Steam Train came about.

CST is mainly a product of my mind’s eye, but one that has myriad possibilities in anagrammatic form.

Such as:
Amnesiacs Tart Van
Caravan As Mittens
Caveman Sitar Ants
Savants Ramie Cant
Vast Arcane Mantis

each of which might prompt a thought, a topic, a post.  Which means there’ll be more on this at some point.

Canvas Steam Train is meant to evoke a peculiar contrast, and it started out as something more like Rusty Pup Tent, which I had hopes of confusing further by adding an active term like Philosophy, Knowledge or Life to it, e.g.  Knowledge from a Rusty Pup Tent. But the anagrammatics would have been cumbersome to derive. I considered Canvas Locomotive for a minute, but opted for Canvas Steam Train instead.

It will probably change.

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Published on April 4, 2010 ~ 01:30 AM

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